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Karin de Boer's unique and fresh approach to Hegel's thought

On Hegel: The sway of the Negative
15 september 2010
On Hegel: The Sway of the Negative by Dr Karin de Boer
On Hegel: The Sway of the Negative by Dr Karin de Boer
'In her On Hegel: The Sway of the Negative Karin de Boer masterfully shows how the idea of tragedy and the work of tragic negativity is at the heart of Hegel's system of philosophy, in constant tension with his famous dialectic, pervading the Logic, Nature, and History. This is a great accomplishment that offers a fresh, actual, and highly insightful re-reading of Hegel as the philosopher of modernity's self-criticism.'
Angelica Nuzzo, Professor of Philosophy at Brooklyn College, City University of New York
'Here is a unique and fresh approach to Hegel’s thought. By tapping the resources of his early writings, and developing the tragic strand that distinguishes them from the totalizing thrust of his later work, Karin de Boer demonstrates the relevance of Hegel’s thought for a critical assessment of modernity’s self-understanding. The pivotal contribution of this rich and sophisticated study, whose strength is on par with Hegel’s, is the development of a ‘logic of entanglement’ which not only undercuts the concept of absolute negativity characteristic of Hegel’s speculative works, but also provides new insight into the instable nature of the relation between contrary moments.'
Rodolphe Gasché, SUNY Distinguished Professor & Eugenio Donato, Professor of Comparative Literature at SUNY at Buffalo

Hegel is most famous for his view that conflicts between contrary positions are necessarily resolved. Whereas this optimism, inherent in modernity as such, has been challenged from Kierkegaard onward, many critics have misconstrued Hegel's own intentions. Focusing on the Science of Logic, this transformative reading of Hegel on the one hand exposes the immense force of Hegel's conception of tragedy, logic, nature, history, time, language, spirit, politics, and philosophy itself. Drawing out the implications of Hegel's insight into tragic conflicts, on the other hand, De Boer brings into play a form of negativity that allows us to understand why the entanglement of complementary positions always tends to turn into their conflict, but not necessarily into its resolution.

On Hegel: The Sway of the Negative - Karin de Boer

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Part of the Renewing Philosophy series
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