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Tenth Groningen Workshop on Hellenistic Poetry. Hellenistic Poetry in Context

25 augustus 2010

The Department of Greek and Latin at the University of Groningen (Netherlands) hereby announces the tenth workshop in the series “Workshops on Hellenistic Poetry” to be held in Groningen on Wednesday 25–Friday 27 August 2010. The theme of this workshop will be Hellenistic Poetry in Context and the papers should focus on the interaction between the poetic texts and their various contexts (historical, political, religious, social etc.) in contemporary society.

The purpose of these workshops is to enable scholars working on Hellenistic poetry to present parts of their research to a group of specialists before publication. The workshops are organized once in every two years and focus on a certain author or aspect of Hellenistic poetry. The first nine workshops have focused on Callimachus (1992), Theocritus (1994), Genre in Hellenistic Poetry (1996), Apollonius Rhodius (1998), Hellenistic Epigram (2000), Callimachus (2002), poets “Beyond the Canon” (2004), “Nature and Science in Hellenistic Poetry” (2006) and “Gods and Religion in Hellenistic Poetry” (2008). Possible themes for subsequent workshops are: the impact of the Supplementum Hellenisticum on the study of Hellenistic poetry; Hellenistic poetry and modern literary criticism; the influence of Hellenistic on later Greek poetry; reception of Hellenistic poetry in Latin poets ‘beyond the canon’ (further suggestions are always welcome).

Scholars who wish to contribute a paper to the workshop are requested to send in the application form with the title of their paper and a brief abstract (1 page) by 1 October 2009 and, when their offer is accepted, to send the complete text of the paper by 1 May 2010, so that it can be distributed among the participants well before the workshop. During the work­shop itself there will be time for a short introduction (ca. 10 minutes) followed by extensive discussion of the paper (ca. 35 minutes). The papers will be published in a volume of the series Hellenistica Groning­ana by Peeters (Leuven). The papers should not be longer than 20 pages.

Those who wish to take part in the discussions without contributing a paper or to act as a respondent are requested to return the application form before 1 April 2010.

Possibly there will be funds to cover (1) part of the travel expenses for speakers whose universities are not able to pay their fare and (2) a three nights' stay at the University Guesthouse or a hotel in Groningen for all speakers. Other participants (including the respondents) will have to provide their own funds and pay a fee of € 100 to cover the costs of tea, coffee, lunches and documentation (€ 50 for students).

Not only senior scholars, but quite emphatically also young scholars working on dissertati­ons in the field of Hellenistic poetry are invited to offer papers or to take part in the discussions inthese workshops or act as respondents.

The organizing committee:


Prof. Dr. Annette Harder

Dr. Remco Regtuit

Prof. Dr. Gerry Wakker


For applications write to Prof. Dr. M.A.Harder

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Afdeling Grieks en Latijn

Oude Boteringestraat 23

9712 GC Groningen

The Netherlands 


fax: (+31) 50 3637263


For more information about the workshop, please visit our website


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