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Rabobank rated best by customers and DSB worst

New academic research into customer performance
30 September 2009

The Customer Insights Center of the University of Groningen, MIcompany and MetrixLab are investigating customer opinions of major Dutch companies. Preliminary research results show that the Rabobank gets the highest score of all the major banks from its customersand DSB brings up the rear.

The current research is being conducted among more than four thousand Dutch consumers, who are asked to assess those companies they are themselves customers of. In this way, the customer satisfaction, customer performance, brand value, loyalty and realised customer value are charted for the eighty largest service provision companies in the Netherlands, in the financial, transport, retail, energy, telecommunications and travel sectors.

Unique research

This research is unique in the Netherlands because enterprises are being assessed on two key aspects from a customer perspective. Researcher Marnix Bügel: ‘first we measure the value that companies create for their customers. Then we measure the value that companies create for themselves. The latter is important because it guarantees the survival of the company. After all, a company that gives away all its products, i.e. provides the ultimate customer performance, and then goes bankrupt is not much use to its customers in the long run.’

Preliminary research into major banks

One of the researchers is Professor Peter Verhoef: ‘In the preliminary research we measured the value created for customers by companies among four hundred customers of the major Dutch banks.

Joint initiative

Three parties have joined forces to conduct the research: the Customer Insights Center of the University of Groningen, the intelligence bureau MIcompany and the market research bureau MetrixLab. The Customer Insights Center of the University is responsible for the academic underpinning of the research. This research centre is the Dutch knowledge platform for professionals and shares customer knowledge from recent and relevant marketing research. Within the research project, MIcompany establishes the value that companies are able to create for themselves from their customers. MIcompany is specialized in identifying growth opportunities for companies on the basis of customer behaviour data. Researcher Toon Alleman: ‘MetrixLab is responsible for data collection and benchmark design in the field of Customer Performance and is a specialist in the field of online market research in more than 44 countries worldwide.’

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