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Bei Übernahme Korrektur?

26 June 2008

PhD ceremony: mw. S. Reichmann, 16.15 uur, Academiegebouw, Broerstraat 5, Groningen

Thesis: Bei Übernahme Korrektur?

Promotor(s): prof. E. Noort

Faculty: Theology and Religious Studies


Biblical texts translations in relation to Egyptian texts

Reichmann her study deals with the form of dependence which texts of the Old Testament have to Egyptian writings. Her starting point is that the Great Hymn of Akhenaten has influenced Psalm 104, as well as the Teaching of Amenemope had an effect on Proverbia 22,17-24,22. To clarify the complex procedures and problems associated with translating, the first part of the thesis is a comparison of three ancient oriental bi- and trilingual documents, in order to provide a kind of pattern for the problem of ‘translation’ in ancient oriental world. Considering the direct interdependency of the multilingual writings, the study shows that deviations and obvious changes through translation in the ancient oriental world is a common phenomenon.

In the last part of the thesis Reichmann examines whether the Hebrew Proverbia 22,17-24,22 and Psalm 104 are partial translations of the Egyptian texts. The comparison of texts point out that although there is a strong resemblance in the motifs and topics illustrated, the actual concrete formulation may differ. These differences are often used to oppose literary dependencies among ancient oriental and biblical texts. Reichmann however concludes that the Hebrew texts are deliberate alterating translations.


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