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Knowledge sharing in expert-apprentice relations: design of a protocol

02 June 2008

PhD ceremony: mw. A.A.C. Brockmöller, 13.15 uur, Academiegebouw, Broerstraat 5, Groningen

Thesis: Knowledge sharing in expert-apprentice relations: design of a protocol

Promotor(s): prof. G.J.E.M. Sanders, prof. M.C.D.P. Weggeman

Faculty: Economics and Business


Sharing knowledge in organisations can take different forms, one of which is the master-apprentice relation. The master-apprentice relation is the central theme of Brockmöller’s thesis. This ancient method is characterised by the thought that when a novice is placed in the proximity of an expert, he will be trained in practice by watching the master at work. Brockmöller introduces the term ‘expert-apprentice relation’ for knowledge sharing, and develops a protocol for establishing and operating expert-apprentice relations in contemporary organisations. She used several case studies from the Talent Project. The Talent Project matches talented students with experts in their field. The research results in the C4 protocol, dividing the expert-apprentice relation in four phases: Composing, Connecting, Culminating and Completing. The expert-apprentice relation is characterised by a focus on both expert and apprentice learning and by aiming at the social relation between expert and apprentice.


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