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Particle dynamics of branes

26 May 2008

PhD ceremony: A.R. Ploegh, 14.45 uur, Academiegebouw, Broerstraat 5

Thesis: Particle dynamics of branes

Promotor: prof. E.A. Bergshoeff

Faculty: Mathematics and Natural Sciences


The aim of this thesis is to develop a technique with which we can formulate brane solutions easier. Brane solutions play an important role in string theory since they represent the degrees of freedom of the non-perturbative string theory of which little is known. 

We choose to let the dynamics of the branes depend on one coordinate r perpendicular to the worldvolume of the brane. As a first step to find brane solutions we reduce over the worldvolume of the brane or over all the directions perpendicular to the worldvolume, with the exception of r.

When we reduce over the worldvolume, the lower-dimensional solutions are S(-1)-branes or instantons. This depends on whether time is part of the worldvolume or is the transversal direction r. As it turns out, both solutions describe geodesic motion on the scalar manifold G/H of the lower-dimensional theory. We present the generating geodesic. With this we mean that if we act with the symmetry group G on this solution, we automatically find the most general solution possible. If we then proceed by undoing the steps of the reduction, we obtain the most general brane solution with a deformed worldvolume.


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