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Joint research RWE and University of Groningen into the capture and storage of CO2 and the use of biomass for generating power

12 March 2008

Today the energy company RWE and the University of Groningen will sign a four-year cooperation agreement for research into the capture and storage of CO2 and the use of sustainable biomass for generating power. RWE is investing EUR 1 million in the joint research programme.

The university’s Energy Delta Research Centre (EDReC) will conduct the research, which focuses on two subjects: methods for capturing and storing CO2, and the application of biomass to generate energy. The research will contribute to knowledge of sustainable energy provision and the prevention of undesirable climate change. Ideally, the research will also help the Netherlands to achieve its sustainability targets for 2020.


Sjoerd Sieburgh, Director of Strategy at RWE: ‘RWE is one of Europe’s largest energy companies and we acknowledge our responsibilities in terms of reducing CO2 emissions. That means we are actively investing in innovations and new sustainable-energy concepts. Worldwide, RWE has invested more than EUR 1 billion in research into the capture and storage of CO2. The ambitions of ERDeC match those of RWE. That is why we are convinced that our cooperation will be successful’.

Dr Simon K. Kuipers, president of the Board of the University of Groningen: ‘The Energy Delta Research Centre of the University of Groningen is well on the way to becoming an authority in the field of research into sustainable energy production in the Netherlands. Sharing knowledge with the experienced research department at RWE will help EDReC to find innovative solutions for sustainable energy provision. 


Within EDReC, various disciplines are brought together to conduct research into energy and sustainability. The Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Economics & Business will be involved in the RWE project.

Note for the press

More information:
Sjoerd Sieburgh Sjoerdsma, RWE Energy Nederland N.V., tel. +31 (0)23 569 1410.
Karin Ree, University of Groningen / Energy Delta Research Centre, tel. +31 (0)50 363 4132, e-mail:


RWE is one of largest energy companies in Europe. Its head office is in Essen, Germany. The company’s main markets are Germany, the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. The company is active in the field of energy production and sales. It is the largest electricity producer in Europe.

RWE generates a total of 1,300 GW from sources including water, wind and sun – onshore as well as offshore. RWE has approximately 68,000 employees, who generated a turnover of EUR 43 billion in 2007. RWE currently supplies power to 350,000 homes and more than 30,000 companies in the Netherlands. Recently, RWE submitted proposals for the development of two offshore wind farms with a total capacity of 2,000 MW.

Research & Development is one of the main strategic foundations of the RWE group. Many top researchers are involved on a daily basis in developing sustainable solutions in the field of energy. The innovative strength of RWE’s R&D department delivers answers to complex energy issues on an international level. Worldwide, RWE has invested more than EUR 1 billion in research into the capture and storage of CO2. As a result of its commitment to R&D, RWE is one of the pioneers in the development of sustainable technologies such as pre-combustion, oxyfuel and post-combustion. 

Energy Delta Research Centre

The Energy Delta Research Centre (EDReC) is part of the University of Groningen and brings together all energy-related research carried out at the university. The aim of the research is to contribute to the transition from fossil-fuel energy to the production and consumption of sustainable energy. The cooperation between various disciplines in technology, the sciences and social sciences creates opportunities for research programmes within the entire energy chain. Through its network in the public and private sectors EDReC connects research capacity to the practice and policy of current and future energy issues.

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