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Organizational and Management Control

Linking education to research and career preparation

Our education is strongly rooted in business practice and society. Also right from the start of your degree programme attention is paid to academic research and pre-professional development. Since an analytical and critical mind and problem-solving capabilities are important qualities in any career our students aspire.

In collaboration with external partners we conduct research projects on e.g banking, local government, customer insights, leadership, energy, healthy ageing and lean operations.

Research institute related to the MSc programme:

Innovation and Organization

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  • Testimonial van Ivo Koch

    "Learn to apply an organisation's strategy to its structure"

    I find OM&C a very interesting specialisation because there are lots of options at a high academic level.

    During my bachelor degree I was particularly interested in the guidance and management of organisations, so I didn't have to think long before I decided to follow the Master's degree programme in OM&C. This degree teaches you to apply an organisation's strategy to the organisational structure and the setup and implementation of the various control systems so that staff behaviour and therefore the entire organisation can be managed. A great deal of attention is also paid to the financial application of certain strategic decisions. I find OM&C a very interesting specialisation because there are lots of options at a high academic level. During my final-year internship at the Onderwijs Service Groep in Assen, I developed a risk-management model for use in secondary education. An internship can delay your studies but it's a very enlightening experience. I am also involved in a number of other activities, I have been an advisory student member of the Faculty Board and I hold several student assistantships. After I graduate, I would like to work for an organisation that is concerned with society, for example a ministry or educational institution, or even a for-profit organisation that is socially engaged. Sustainability and honesty should be the main features of a company's business operations and culture.

    – Ivo Koch
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