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Governance and Law in Digital Society

What role does the government play in digital society? And what impact does this have on the public sector? How should we approach issues of cybercrime from a legal and organizational perspective?

Start: September 2018, Leeuwarden

Recent advances in digitization have resulted in an increasing number of parties becoming involved in security issues. 'Security and digitization' is, after all, not restricted to cybercrime and thus affects both the police and courts of law. It is also concerned with issues of surveillance and the maintenance of law and order, including online as well as offline public order. Government agencies have to decide which stratgies to adopt in order to deal with such obstacles and issues brought about by digitization.

In the job market, there is a clear demand for graduates with an interdisciplinary profile capable of interpreting developments in digital society and responding to them accordingly. This Master's programmes is designed to meet this demand and prepare students for a career within this field.

In this programme, you will work intensively with university partners in both the private and public sectors, to gain insight into the real life problems that organizations encounter. You will gain practical experience in working in a public context in the field of problems related to digitization. Graduates of the programme will be well equipped to discuss and tackle such problems, whether in academic research or in political or governmental organizations or the business world.

Please be advised, this programme is taught at our Faculty campus in Leeuwarden (not Groningen)

Welke rol heeft de overheid bij digitale ontwikkelingen? Wat is de impact op de publieke sector? Hoe moeten cybercrime vraagstukken vanuit juridisch en bestuurskundig perspectief worden benaderd?

Door de digitalisering raken steeds meer partijen betrokken bij veiligheidsvraagstukken. 'Veiligheid en digitalisering' betreft immers niet alleen cybercrime en daarmee politie en justitie. Het betreft ook vraagstukken van toezicht en rechtshandhaving, zoals de handhaving van de offline én online openbare orde. De overheid staat voor de vraag welke positie zij in dat netwerk inneemt. In de markt bestaat een duidelijke vraag naar afgestudeerden met een interdisciplinair profiel die in staat zijn digitale ontwikkelingen te duiden en daarop vanuit de publieke sector in samenwerking met de 'civil society' en de markt te sturen. Deze (Engelstalige) masterspecialisatie speelt in op deze behoefte en bereidt jou als student voor op deze arbeidsmarkt.

Door intensieve samenwerking met partners uit private en publieke sector kom je in aanraking met vraagstukken op de werkvloer van organisaties in de publieke sector. Je doet praktische ervaring op met werken in een publieke context binnen het speelveld van digitaliseringsvraagstukken. Na deze studie ben jij de aangewezen persoon om op goed beargumenteerde wijze met genoemde vraagstukken om te gaan.

The Master's track in Governance & Law in Digital Society is an interdisciplinary track for students with a legal or social sciences profile. Both groups of students will first have to complete a Pre-Master's programme to ensure adequate mastery of key competences and knowledge.

For Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden (NHL) graduates in Public Administration, Applied Safety & Security Studies and Law this is achieved through a set of Minors in their own programme. Other students must follow a Pre-Master's programme. The admission requirements for international students are still being considered; these do not, of course, lie in the area of Dutch law, but in the areas of European and international law.

De masterspecialisatie Governance and Law in Digital Society is een interdisciplinaire studie die geschikt is voor studenten met een juridisch en sociaalwetenschappelijk profiel.

Voor andere instromers geldt een premaster. Voor buitenlandse studenten worden de instroomeisen nog nader bepaald.

More about this programme
  • Testimonial of Heinrich Winter

    A specialization for which there is a great demand in the market

    As professor I am responsible for the Bachelor and Masters' tracks in Law and Governance. I teach within these tracks and carry out research. My research interests lie with the working of general and administrative law in practice and the functioning of the public sector and specific parts thereof .

    My job gives me the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity about how legal arrangements work in practice. I find the workings of the public sector the most interesting because that affects us all.

    This track provides a specialization for which there is a great demand in the market. Our society is digitizing at a rapid pace and that raises questions about the ways in which the public sector can and should react. In particular, issues of digital security receive a lot of attention – from security of financial transactions to security in elections, as well as public order and safety in the physical world, which is also influenced by developments of digital technology.

    This is the right track for you if you are interested in problems at the intersection of government, market and society and in particular the consequences of digitization for the ways in which our society works and should be governed.

    This is a track with a very interesting profile for the job market and an interdisciplinary setup that deals with current problems that affect all of us. 

    – Heinrich Winter
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LLM in Law and Public Administration
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