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Evolutionary Biology

CHE Excellent Ranking in Biology since 2007

The Top pro¬gramme 'Evolutionary Biology' has turned out to be particularly successful. The hallmark of this programme is to explore the interface between ecology and evolution. It is administered by the Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Sciences (GELIFES), a centre of excellence in ecological and evolutionary research.

The central position of the Master's programme within this high-standing research environment ensures that students can benefit from a wide spectrum of national and inter­national expertise across the fields of ecology and evolution. 


The Master's degree programme is coordinated by the Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Sciences (GELIFES; GELIFES focuses its research on the level of the individual organism (behaviour, physiology, morphology, genetics, development) and on higher levels of organisation (population, communities, ecosystems). The research is being done on a broad range of organisms (terrestrial-marine; microorganisms-plants-animals) with a broad range of methods and approaches (field, lab, theoretical).A hallmark of GELIFES is that we strive to integrate mechanistic approaches (how does an organism function?) with evolutionary approaches (why does the organism function as it does?). We specifically aim to integrate these fields that are traditionally studied in isolation.

GELIFES is part of the Faculty of Science and Engineering and embraces six expertise groups:

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