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All inclusive: lustrum UG, 5-15 June 2019

Science programme Conference: “Growing together: Celebrating diversity and fostering inclusion”

Sarah Lasoye

Sarah Lasoye
Sarah Lasoye

Sarah Lasoye is National Women’s Officer for the National Union of Students (NUS).

She became involved in feminist organising while studying at St. George’s University, where she founded the Intersectional Feminist Society, co-founded an institution-wide anti-harassment campaign, and introduced compulsory consent trainings for incoming students.

As Women’s Officer, she leads the NUS Women’s Campaign – one of five politically autonomous liberation campaigns at NUS. She represents and advocates on behalf of women students across Further and Higher Education in the UK.

This year, her priorities have been researching sexual harassment and violence in Further Education, continuing to tackle staff-student misconduct, fighting to improve sexual harassment reporting procedures and survivor support, and developing political education for women’s officers and grassroots activists.

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