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All inclusive: lustrum UG, 5-15 June 2019

Science programme Conference: “Growing together: Celebrating diversity and fostering inclusion”

Olave Basabose

Olave Basabose. Photographer: Mikael Chukwuma Owuma - #LimitlessAfricans
Olave Basabose. Photographer: Mikael Chukwuma Owuma - #LimitlessAfricans

Olave is a jurist and queer, anti-racist, feminist activist. Olave was born in Burundi and fled with family to Netherlands in the early 90s.

Olave identifies as a Black, non-binary trans femme and addict in recovery. She is a published author (ZWART), organiser, performer and speaker locally and internationally. She has participated in national and local legislative elections. Notably, she was a 2017 parliamentary candidate on behalf of Bij1, the first (openly intersectional feminist) political party in Europe founded by a Black woman, Sylvana Simons. She is also the initiator of Olave Talks, a video series (aka vodcast) platform that creates space for fellow activists to share their knowledge, test ideas, and discuss issues relating to the communities they serve.

Let’s talk about the anti-gender backlash

Populist parties that continue to make strong gains across the European political firmament. What is of particular interest to the trans community is the way in which those gains are propelled by increasingly transphobic rhetoric that has come to be known as the so-called anti-gender backlash.

Trans communities around the world have been deliberately targeted by self-styled “gender critical” or “anti-gender” organisations and their spokespersons. More critically, “anti-gender” rhetoric has even found fertile soil within feminist organising, de-colonial and anti-racism communities, and in LGB spaces/platforms.

For trans rights advocates, activists and communities to effectively oppose the anti-gender backlash, we must lead the resistance. And to lead, we must cultivate the most extensive and global understanding of the anti-gender backlash. We must expose the transphobia inherent to it, but also its xenophobic, sexist, islamophobic, racist, ableist and capitalist underpinnings. We must develop, propose and initiate effective alliances across targeted communities and their allies.

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