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All inclusive: lustrum UG, 5-15 June 2019

Science programme Conference: “Growing together: Celebrating diversity and fostering inclusion”

Bettina van Hoven with Andrea Stultiens

Bettina van Hoven
Bettina van Hoven

Co-creating the City

Dr. Bettina van Hoven with Dr. Andrea Stultiens (Minerva Art Academy)


(Urban) Planners, policy makers and educators persistently undervalue and underutilize the range of diverse experiences that need to be considered in creating inclusive spaces. One of the groups that remains suspiciously absent from public spaces comprises people with disabilities.

People with disabilities often experience both physical and social barriers to using urban spaces in the form of lack of transport, lack of appropriate access to public buildings and facilities, but also negative stereotyping. As a result, there are few opportunities for meaningful and positive interactions between able-bodied and impaired persons in public spaces. This is a matter of concern and should be a matter of priority when developing ‘inclusive cities’.

In my talk, we address the in- and exclusivity of, and of (in-)visibilities in the city for people with physical impairment by drawing on a participatory research project in collaboration with Minerva Art Academy and clients at the Noorderbrug, an organisation that provides housing and care for people with acquired brain injuries.

The project entailed some specific challenges of communication (e.g. Sometimes mediated by eye-tracking speech computers) and rhythms and mobilities, yet the research teams (with members of each of the above institutions) were encouraged to explore and experience the city together.

Their journeys were documented using visual methods and these visuals (photos and sometimes video) formed the basis of public exhibitions. In this exhibition, the research teams convey a sense of in- en exclusivities, of (in)visibilities, of difference and sameness through presentations, representations and experiential, interactive exhibits.

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