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All inclusive: lustrum UG, 5-15 June 2019

Party Theater show Totally Shifted



A fairy-like nocturnal comedy
By the producers of the theatre serials ‘Uut de Hoogte’ and ‘Mussengang’,
and by the creative team of ‘Sneuwitje en een stuk of zeven dwergen’:
a new exciting multimedia theatrical performance is coming, about Groningen and its surroundings!

  • 75% Dutch-spoken, 25% English, but understandable to all!

The stylish Grand Theatre right in the heart of Groningen’s entertainment district is being converted into a 360-degree panorama: in an exuberant 60-minute comedy, the city unfolds all its nocturnal mysteries. ‘Totally Shifted’ shows us the nightly, surrealistic ramble of an old, slightly embittered professor, who, estranged from ordinary life, resolves to taste the nightlife and has adventures that he never dreamed could happen, which he survives penniless and totally isolated.

A second storyline is one student’s search for the lover who she inadvertently rejected.

There’s also the fruitless search of the chronically grumbling slumlord, neighbour Bolhuis, for a place to dispose of his bin bag.

And there is a wondrous tour through the city by the mythological Mercury, who, after having observed the hustle-bustle of the streets from his position on top of De Korenbeurs for 150 years, finally decides to come down and meddle in.

Unknowingly and without being related, these characters affect each other’s lives. For instance, we find ourselves at a student party in which the films ‘Moulin Rouge’ and ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ seem to coincide. We also visit Groningen in 1919, in the midst of the fight for universal voting rights, and meet Aletta Jacobs – or at least her bike.

And thus we learn that in this Groningen, with its citizens and its university, diversity and inclusivity are the most common things in the world – but then again, maybe not?

Just as back then in the successful theatre serial ‘Uut de Hoogte’, the spectator is in the middle of the room; the scenes, music and films play on all sides. The audience enters through the main entrance and leaves the theatre at the back, to end up in nocturnal Groningen.

This is how ‘Totally Shifted’ will be an overwhelming experience for all; an inspiring bit of a night out in Groningen.

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