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All inclusive: lustrum UG, 5-15 June 2019

Lustrum: All inclusive News

University celebrates 405th birthday

The 2019 lustrum theme: ‘All Inclusive’
07 December 2018
Frank den Hollander, Jessica Hoekstra and Bram Douwes
Frank den Hollander, Jessica Hoekstra and Bram Douwes

The UG will celebrate its 405th anniversary in 2019. After the elaborate festivities surrounding its fourth centennial in 2014, a more modest approach was chosen for the next lustrum. In a compact 10-day period, the UG will treat its students, staff members, alumni, the city of Groningen and the surrounding area to a highly varied programme.

The Lustrum Committee consists of Bram Douwes, Jessica Hoekstra and Frank den Hollander. High time for an overview of what’s coming up.


The theme of the 81st UG lustrum is ‘All Inclusive’. Our academic community is characterized by great diversity in terms of, for example, gender, sexual orientation, age, language, opportunities and challenges, ethnicity, nationality and religion. This lustrum will focus on respecting, accepting and celebrating these characteristics in everyone. Inclusion goes one step further than diversity. As American inclusion expert Verna Myers puts it: ‘Diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance’. Inclusion will be a leading principle in all lustrum activities.


The 81st lustrum celebrations will take place from Thursday 6 to Saturday 15 June 2019. Highlights include:

Conference: ‘Growing together: Celebrating diversity and fostering inclusion’ (6 and 7 June)

The lustrum week will kick off with a two-day international academic conference in the Academy Building. The Academic Council, chaired by Mónica López López, guarantees a good, substantive interpretation of the theme' : at the conference, international academics will discuss inclusion from different angles.

Theatre show: Totally Shifted (every day, in Dutch)

Writer Jan Veldman and director Jack Nieborg will be producing a spectacular 'Comedy theatre' show about the University and the city. In the show, we will be following a confounded professor on his nightly round in vibrant Groningen; we will visit student dorms and their angry neighbours, bars and clubs and experience the hard life on the streets. In short: Philip Roth meets Geordie Shore.

The show will be performed at the Grand Theatre several times per day, every day of the lustrum week.

Night of Arts & Sciences (8 June)

A proven concept returns. The entire city centre, from the Academy Building to the Der Aa kerk to the Groninger Museum, will be alive with activities and events, including lectures, street theatre, academic debates, music, comedy – you name it!

Exclusive themed gala: Extravaganza (13 June)
A modern version of a gala. We will turn this gala into one big party for students and staff. Meet us in Martiniplaza, dressed up as your most extravagant self!

Academic ceremony: Rector's appointment and honorary doctorates (14 June)

Friday 14 June marks the farewell and appointment ceremony of the Rector Magnificus. Elmer Sterken will be stepping down. The name of his successor will be announced in a few months.
Lustra are especially well-suited for presenting honorary doctorates to people who have made an exceptional contribution to society, academia or politics. The candidates for a UG honorary doctorate will be announced at the start of 2019.

Throwback Saturday (15 June)

The festive UG alumni day. The day starts with a lunch on the Grote Markt, after which everyone can visit University locations by joining the hop-on, hop-off bus tour, taking a rental bike or just walking there. All faculties will be offering substantive programmes that day. For alumni who don’t want to join the tour of University locations, there will be a general programme in the city centre, including a bicycle tour and a walk.

The celebration of the UG’s 405th birthday ends with a relaxed afterparty on the Broerplein in the evening.

Are you seeking to contribute to the lustrum week from your faculty or service unit? Do you have ideas for specific and suitable activities? Please contact Frank den Hollander, Bram Douwes or Jessica Hoekstra.

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