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Pure account settings

Authorising someone to maintain your research data (trusted user)

In general researchers are best placed to keep their own profiles up-to-date. In case you want a colleague to maintain your research data for you, never share your credentials!

Instead, you can make your colleague a "Trusted user" for Pure

Click your p-number at the top right corner of Pure → Trusted users Save

Enter the colleague(s) you want to make your trusted user(s). This way the trusted user will be able to maintain your research data once he or she has logged on to Pure with his or her own account.

Name variants

For optimal search results and presentation, Pure uses several variants of your name. You can find these in your user profile:

Click your p-number at the top right corner of Pure → Edit person profile → Add name variant Save

The following name variants can be edited:

  • Former name -- the name you were used to be known as, e.g. before or during marriage
  • Default publishing name -- the name mostly used by you while publishing - this will be shown in Pure for all your newly entered output (except when overruled manually).

The other two name variants can not be changed:

  • Known as name -- this is used to find yourself in Pure
  • Portal sort name -- this is used to sort in Pure
my personal tasks
my personal tasks

My personal tasks

In your 'My personal tasks' in the menu on the right side of Pure, different tasks related to the status of your research content are displayed. Pure displays all research content for which the status of the template has been set to 'Entry in progress'.

You can remove the content from 'My personal tasks' by opening the item's record and changing the status to 'For validation' or 'For approval'.

entry in progress
entry in progress

Receiving e-mails from Pure (My messages)

Pure will notify you about:

  • Any changes made by another person to your publications and activities, e.g., if you have been added to a research output by another person;
  • Any publications with your name found by Pure, and;
  • Any new messages received regarding your publications.
My messages
My messages

You can view these messages in the section My messages on the right side of the screen. Depending on your email settings in Pure, these messages will also be sent to you via e-mail. You can manage your email settings in your personal profile:

Click your p-number at the top right corner of Pure → E-mail settings Save

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