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Report from Pure (R&O)

It's possible to get a report of your research content from Pure for, for example, your yearly R&O interview.

Request a customized report

We can create a report for you on for example all your research output, activities and prizes over multiple years. Please contact with your request describing what you need. This is an example of a customized report.

Create a simple report

You can also make a simple report (example) yourself by following these five steps:

  1. Log on to Pure
  2. Depending on the research content you wish to report on, click either Research output, Activities, Prizes, Press/Media or Datasets in the left side menu bar
  3. Select the format of your report at the bottom of the screen: PDF, HTML, RIS(RefMan), Word or BibTeX
  4. Select a render style: APA, Author, Harvard, Standard, Vancouver, Short or Long
  5. Download your report.

Filter settings


You can tweak which research content is shown in your report by using filters. Click the funnel symbol at the top of the page to select one or more filters. It’s possible to combine multiple filters.

For example, you can use the filters Journals and Period to report on publications in specific journals during a certain time period.


Saving filters

It's possible to save a filter you've previously used. This is especially useful if you need to make the same report every year.

Just click the drawing pin to save the filter settings. The filter will be saved in the left side menu of Pure and you're able to choose a name for the filter yourself.

Last modified:26 March 2018 11.21 a.m.