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Frequently Asked Questions PURE (FAQ)

Can I authorize someone to maintain my research data?

In general researchers are best placed to keep their own profiles up-to-date. In case you want a colleague to maintain your research data for you, never share your credentials!

Instead, you can make your colleague a "Trusted user" for Pure

Click your p-number at the top right corner of Pure → Trusted users Save

Enter the colleague(s) you want to make your trusted user(s). This way the trusted user will be able to maintain your research data once he or she has logged on to Pure with his or her own account.

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Why is the full text not available on my profile page?

Before the full text is shown on the portal the Library has to tackle the copyright issues for you and set the embargo period. After validation by library staff the full text will become available on your profile page.

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How do I add the final authors version?

You can submit your final authors version through the 'Deposit your article' online form. Once you deposited your document, the Library will:

  • verify the metadata you provided with your article;
  • add metadata, i.e. page number, volume, issue (it will be deduced from your submitted article);
  • Adding DOI if available incl. the corresponding licences if applicable;
  • add the author’s version to Pure and make it publicly accessible as soon as this is permitted, using data from SHERPA/RoMEO and taking into account any comments you sent us when depositing the article;
  • monitor the publishing date of the version to appear in the peer-reviewed journal;
  • add the publisher’s version to Pure and make it publicly available as soon as this is permitted, using data from SHERPA/RoMEO ;
  • complete the metadata based on the publisher’s version (i.e. page number, volume, issue);
  • Adding DOI if available incl. the corresponding licences if applicable;
  • as soon as the publisher's version is available, without embargo, the author’s version will be made invisible on the UG Research Database.

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How can I control the contents shown in my research overview tab?

Your research content will appear by default in order of creation date.

If you like to determine your own view, e.g. to present the work that stands out from the rest of your work, you can create a highlighted content CV. Publications, activities and press-clippings that are added to your highlighted content CV will replace those by default presented on your overview page.

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How do I look up publications in Pure that I am not related to?

If you expect a publication to exist, but it is not listed yet in your publication list, you can search for it within Pure.

By removing the filter "My content", you will get access to all content in Pure and can now search after the content you intend to submit.

remove my content filter
remove my content filter

If the publication has already been entered, you can 'claim' the content by clicking the content-action symbol (the little gear wheel button) and select “Claim content”. Click here to watch the screencast "how to claim content".

Please provide a short description why you are claiming this research output. Once the Library has added your name to the publication’s authors section, you will be notified with a message and the content will be visible in your publication list.

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How can I add my pre-university of Groningen publications to Pure?

You can enter your pre University of Groningen publications in Pure. If you have your publications available in a RIS or BibTeX format, you can import them from file. Otherwise, you can create them from template. Your pre University of Groningen publications will be visible on your personal profile page on the University of Groningen website, but will not be part of departmental reports.

When adding your publications to Pure, please make sure that your 'affiliation' is registered correctly. By default your current affiliation (to the University of Groningen) will be suggested by Pure. When you are adding a pre-university publication to Pure, you need to change this affiliation to the organization that you have worked for. Use this factsheet to learn how to change the affiliation in five simple steps.

Especially with larger amounts (25+) of publications, adding them all to Pure can be quite a lot of work. Or do you need advice or help with regards to retrieving your pre University of Groningen publications? Don't hesitate to contact for assistance.

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Is there a link between Research Gate/Academia and Pure?

No, there is no (automated) link. However, if you want to add a publication to ResearchGate, you can follow these instructions on how to easily export a publication from Pure and importing it into ResearchGate.

The other way around is not possible nor recommended. ResearchGate does not offer a way to export publications from it, therefore making it a great deal of effort (and possibly loss of data) when you would try to 'export' it manually. A short note about ResearchGate and it's pros and cons.

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Why should I add my ORCID to Pure?

Add your ORCID to your personal profile in Pure to showcase your ORCID on your personal profile page on the University of Groningen website.

An ORCID is a persistent digital identifier consisting of an unique sixteen digit code. You can request an ORCID for free and use it to distinguish yourself from every other researcher. ORCID supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities. Adding your ORCID to Pure will improve the automatic matching and import of your research output In Pure, especially if you have a common or high frequency name or if you use name variants.

It’s becoming more and more common for an ORCID to be required by publishers and database producers when submitting manuscripts and/or articles. In addition, research centers and funds will increasingly demand an ORCID or author identification of another form with grant applications. Because of this, the automatic matching and importing of research content in Pure is also expected to improve in the near future. To be able to fully profit from this, you must add your ORCID to Pure

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Can I add an external organisation to my activities, prizes and press/media?

Unfortunately it is not possible to add only an external organisation to your pre-RUG activities, prizes and press/media. So you can add an external organisation, but you cannot remove the internal affiliation.

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