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Tips and tricks

Here some tips and tricks which might make working with Pure easier and more valuable for you:

Changing the publication type of your research output

If you have entered research output using an incorrect research output sub-type, you can still change it to another sub-type when you are editing the research output in Pure.

For example, you registered research output within the “contribution to journal” type, with the sub-type “article” whereas it should be the sub-type “letter”. If you want to change it to another type of research output, for example from “contribution to journal” to “chapter in book/report/conference proceeding”, then your Pure-coordinator can do this for you.

Entering multiple chapters

You can enter multiple chapters of the same book with minimal efforts. Just follow these five steps:

  1. Enter the first chapter and save this
  2. Re-open the first chapter
  3. Click on the "create a copy" button (in the lower right corner)
  4. Change the title of the copy and save the copy
  5. Repeat this for all chapter you need to enter

Linking pieces of content

One of the most valuable features of Pure is its ability to make associations between pieces of content. Showing these links is highly valuable to potential funders and to staff with similar research interests.

Pieces of content are linked by adding ‘Relations’ to each other towards the bottom of the content window. For example, click ‘Add research output’, search for the publication you require in the pop-up box and click on it to add it as a new ‘relation’ to other research content.


Key fields in the template can be translated into the languages that Pure supports. If that is, for example English and Dutch, either can be selected for translation if the original title is in Chinese. The default language to translate to when the original language is selected is the one selected as Submission language.

Last modified:07 August 2017 09.22 a.m.
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