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Changes in Pure regarding "SEP" (Standard Evaluation Protocol)

19 November 2015

As of Monday, November 16th, a few changes with respect to SEP are visible when you are using Pure (only when you are logged on to Pure; you won't notice any difference on the University of Groningen website).

What do you see?

  • In your user profile, you will see the “SEP” menu item (in the menu at the left). In a later stage here you will find the size of FTE you are working on research. For now you will just see "No SEP unit associations" or empty boxes to be filled with (%)FTE per year.
  • In the metadata of each research output, you will see a new field "SEP output type". The value of this field is determined automatically. Please don't change it to “not eligible”.

What do you need to do?

  • No action is required from you.

What's behind these changes?

  • With added SEP information in Pure, we can generate the following overviews from Pure:
    • an overview of the research staff (research input in FTE's)
    • an overview of research output per SEP output category
  • These overviews can be used for the self-assessment report that is required according to SEP. SEP stands for Standard Evaluation Protocol. The SEP describes the methods used to assess research conducted at Dutch universities and Academy institutes every six years, as well as the aims of such assessment.
Last modified:03 August 2017 09.55 a.m.

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