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Known issues and release notes

Known issues

Activities with status 'revalidation' are temporarily not shown on the portal and profile page. After revalidation the activities are shown again. This issue will be fixed in the Summer release (not scheduled yet, preliminary plan date would be in June).
Activities of the templates Participation in conference and Organising an event are presented with an errror (No renderer ...) on the portal. This issue will be fixed in the Summer release (not scheduled yet, preliminary plan date would be in June).
For Activities, Prizes and Press/Media, if changes are applied to the author's name the changes won't show on the overview pages of the UG Research Database.
UMCG logon. UMCG-users will encounter a problem if they have a P-number enabled active session within their browser, where Pure expects them to use their UMCG-number for access. The single sign on (SSO) mechanism wrongly concludes that the user already has a valid session and passes the P-number enabled session request on to Pure without invoking a pop-up for creating an UMCG-number enabled session. This results in disallowed access.
When you try to publish your public CV by clicking on Save you will get the error The following fields are missing - Heading. Please fill in this header by hand and then save your public CV.

Release notes

V4.32.4 - Released 26 February 2019

Occasionally an error occurred while importing research output from Web of Science, after this release this error will not occur anymore.

V4.32.2 - Released 31 January 2019

The possibility for you to change your activities in Pure after they have been approved. The 're-validation' workflow ensures that the activities that you changed will be checked (and approved) again.
Portal fixes and changes
On the personal research page you may notice the following changes:
  • In the tab Publications the short links to categories (for example Journal Contributions, Book Contributions) have been removed. This is because these categories were not defined properly, thus sorted confusion. Now all publications are shown, sorted by publication date from new to old (by default). You can still adjust the sorting criterium to your needs. We are working on an advanced search option. This option will become available in the summer.
  • A new tab Supervised Thesis appears if any thesis have been published under the author's (co-)supervision.

V4.30.3 - Released 5 June 2018

The issue that links to datasets didn't always work on the portal is fixed with this release
With Projects and Research Output it's no longer stated that there are no related Prizes, Press/Media or Activities when there's one related item
Trying to view the related item(s) of Projects or Research Output no longer results in an error message

V4.30.1 - Released 24 April 2018

Possible to add an ISNI ID to the personal profile in Pure

The issue that publications from before 1800 and datasets including data from before 1800 couldn't be added to Pure is resolved with this release

V4.29.1-1 - Released 6 December 2017

Portal Changes
  • Datasets are added to the portal. There is a submission guide available about how to add datasets to Pure.
  • Projects are added to the portal. Please note that there are currently no projects registered in Pure yet. Therefore the project module is not shown on the portal. Once there are projects added to Pure a Projects menu will become visible on the portal.
  • Relations between different research content shown.
  • Copy persistent link button added to the persistent link
  • Three changes to the Research Unit pages:
    • The organisational hierarchy is shown
    • An image of the organisation(al) (unit) is shown if added in Pure
    • A search option is added to lists of content from the research unit

V4.28.1-1 - Released 7 August 2017

A new Pure logo and an updated look and feel for the Pure header
The Pure documentation for personal users has been updated
The automated search functionality which lets Pure search selected online sources for new content is restored again with this release.
This release has solved the problem that for current staff members with no (active) affiliation to a research unit, the overview and statistics tabs were not shown (anymore) on their personal research page. Furthermore, it has also solved the issue concerning the graph of relations, which were also not visible (anymore) on the personal research page of these staff members.
The disappereance of the close and cancel buttons when trying to edit multiple internal or external persons is resolved with this issue.

V.4.27.2-2 - Released 16 June 2017

Features and Fixes
Research content of former staff members can now be shown on the website. Please note that these are only published after approval by the former staff member. The approval process for this is still under construction (by departments HR and Communication).

Updates model Activities, Prizes and Press/Media

  • This release features new submission templates for Activities. Please have a look at the updated submissions guide for further information on the changed templates.
  • A new content type for Prizes has been added to Pure, enabling users to capture prominent professional distinctions which illustrate their esteem and demonstrate recognition within their professional field. This results in these professional distinctions becoming much more prominent in Pure.
  • In this release the existing Press Clippings module with various 'media contribution' Activities are consolidated into a single content type called Press/Media. This consolidation enables the capture of all press/media activity (whether active or passive) in a single content type, rather than as separate Press Clipings and Activities.
New online source: EBSCO. The following databases are activated in EBSCO: ATLA, ERIC, EconLIT, PsycINFO and SocINDEX. You can manually search EBSCO in Pure. When you find a publication that is yours you can easily import it in Pure.

Portal Changes

In conjunction with the updates to Activities, Prizes, and Press/Media data models (see above), the Pure Portal has been enhanched and updated to accommodate the revisions to the respective modules. Other content types have also been added to the Pure Portal and the display of some existing content types has been updated. This release includes the following updates to the Pure Portal:

  • Inclusion of Prizes and Press/Media (instead of Press Clippings)
  • Updated display of:
    • Activities
    • Press/Media

Fixes and features of previous Pure releases.

Last modified:25 April 2019 2.23 p.m.
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