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UG researchers receive 'Request-a-copy' award

08 November 2019

On Tuesday 5 November 2019, two UG researchers received the very first 'Request-a-copy' award. They received this award because their scientific publications are among the most requested in the UG research database, via the Request-a-copy function.

Laura Cuijpers' thesis (Coordination dynamics in crew rowing) was requested nine times in a short period of time and Sanne te Meerman's thesis (ADHD and the power of generalization) was requested no less than thirty-one times. Lea Diestelmeier received her award on 13 November, her thesis (Unlocking flexibility with law) was requested ten times.

The award celebrates the successful introduction (May 2019) of the Request-a-copy functionality in the UG research database and puts authors of important research in the spotlight. Request-a-copy operates on the principle of peer-to-peer sharing: if a publication in the research database is not yet available in full text due to an embargo or restriction, a database user can request the text from the author. The University Library (UB) acts as an intermediary and handles these requests.

An average of 4.5 requests are now received per day via Request-a-copy, which amounts to more than 1,600 requests per year. This means that the UB is facilitating a large number of users of the research database and at the same time is supporting UG authors in distributing their publications. More than three-quarters (77 percent) of UG authors respond positively to a Request-a-copy.

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