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Import routes


There are several ways to import your publications into RefWorks:

  1. Année philologique
  2. Google Scholar
  3. PubMed
  4. SmartCat (WorldCat)
  5. Other databases

1. Année philologique

  1. Go to L’Année philologique and search for the desired publication(s).
  2. Mark one or more records.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Select Save RefWorks.
  5. Click Save.  

2. Google Scholar
1. Go to
2. Click 'Settings'.
3. Under 'Bibliography Manager', mark 'Show links to import citations into' and select 'RefWorks' as your bibliography manager.
4. Click 'Save'.

All your search results will now have an 'Import to RefWorks' link.

3. PubMed

Import route from PubMed

  1. Search in PubMed for the desired publication(s).
  2. Mark one or more records.
  3. Click Send to.
  4. Select for Choose Destination: File.
  5. Select for  Format: MEDLINE.
  6. Click Create File.
  7. Click Save and save the file as a Text Document.
  8. Go to RefWorks:  References > Import.
  9. Select for  Import Filter/Data Source: NLM PubMed.
  10. Select for  Database: PubMed.
  11. Select for Import Data from the following Text File via Browse the file that you saved.
  12. Click Import.

Import route from RefWorks

  1. Go to RefWorks: Search > Online Catalog or Database .
  2. Select for Online Catalog or Database to Search: PubMed .
  3. Enter one or more search terms in the field Quick Search for:
  4. Click Search.
  5. Import the desired references.

4. SmartCat (WorldCat)

  1. Go to SmartCat and search for the desired publication.
  2. Click the Sharing and permalinks options icon (see picture below)
  3. Click Cite Record.
  4. Click Cite with RefWorks.

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