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Helena Lupinc

Bachelorstudent Minorities and Multilingualism
Helena Lupinc
Helena Lupinc

About Helena

Zdravo! I am Helena and I am a second year student of Minorities and Multilingualism. I live near Trieste in Italy and I am part of its autochthonous Slovenian community. As such, I am passionate about topics regarding minority groups and other cultural discourses. I am a member of the M&M Programme Committee, as well as a member of the Multi student association. I write for the Slovenian daily newspaper in Italy and I am part of the newly formed association DM+, which focuses on the cultural formation of young Slovenes in Italy. I like listening to people’s stories about themselves, as there is infinite variety and creativity in them. I am also good at telling jokes, but people tend to say the opposite.

Why Minorities and Multilingualism?

M&M is a programme that depicts at best our postmodern world. It does not only cover topics about minorities and multilingualism, but relates to many other fields of the humanities and social studies. It helps you understand the whys and how’s of today’s society and provides you with the ability to think critically about such topics. We can say that minorities are nowadays a majority, its significance is increasing and we need to be able to address such matters. Being from a minority group myself I want to gain concrete and specific knowledge about minorities and multilingualism in order to apply it to my native context.

Why Groningen?

The RUG is characterised by a unique multicultural environment in which individuals can feel free to be themselves, think out of the box and dream big. What made me choose Groningen was the friendly environment spiced up by impeccable professionalism and attention to detail which I experienced on the open day. Groningen is an “Old city with a young heart” which is one of its finest beauties. Wherever you come from, and whatever your plans for the future are, at Groningen you will always feel at home.


I see myself working with people for people. My interests range from focusing on neurolinguistics research to dealing with the rights of minorities and underrepresented populations. The amount of information and inputs at the RUG is enormous, therefore I want to focus on my studies step by step, considering previously made decisions and building up on them, allowing myself to be open towards various fields related to minorities and multilingualism.


Do not be afraid of being different. Our world is characterised by universal standards in which diversity is oftentimes disregarded. However, the world is the oyster of those who dare to put their desires, feelings, interests and ambitions first, resisting the omnipresent threat of assimilation. We should value diversity as a society’s true worth. This is my tip for aspiring university students as well: stay true to yourself and choose an academic path that reflects at best your interests and aspirations. As long as you do what you like and enjoy doing, nothing can hold you back from achieving your goals.

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