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For Ukrainians and everyone who is helping them

For Ukrainians and everyone who is helping them


We believe that having a good command of language can help you to start moving freely and independently. In a new country, it can help you to feel like an equal discussion partner. The Netherlands, just like many other European countries, is currently experiencing an influx of Ukrainian refugees. We would like to contribute to making connections between these newcomers and those who are welcoming them in the Netherlands by offering the following activities free of charge.

Free webinar series Ukrainian

Have you recently had a lot of contact with Ukrainians, for example because you have taken in refugees or have Ukrainian students in your class? This free webinar series on the Ukrainian language will help you to connect. Yuliya Kazanova* will introduce you to Ukrainian in two consecutive webinars. You can watch both webinars below!

The first webinar focuses on the Slavic language family to which Ukrainian belongs. In this webinar, you will learn how Ukrainian relates to the other Slavic languages and there will be an introduction to Ukrainian literature.

The second webinar involves a crash course in Ukrainian, in which you will learn a little Ukrainian yourself.

*This webinar series are given by Yuliya Kazanova, lecturer in Russian at the Department of European Languages and Cultures at the University of Groningen. Yuliya holds a PhD in English from the University of Leeds. Her research interests include twentieth-century English fiction and contemporary Ukrainian literature. She has taught Russian language and Slavic literatures at the University of Leeds and is a Chartered Linguist (Translation and Education). She translated The Culture of Spontaneity: Improvisation and the Arts in Postwar America (Kyiv: Fakt, 2009) by Daniel Belgrad into Ukrainian.

Free online Dutch beginners’ course - Introduction to Dutch MOOC

We would like to meet the potential demand arising from Ukrainian refugees to learn Dutch. We have therefore decided to make the free, online Introduction to Dutch beginners’ course permanently available for the time being. This means that anyone can start the course, at any time.

The course takes three weeks to complete and is intended for everyone wishing to learn Dutch. Topics such as introducing yourself and talking about your family, friends, work, or studies will be dealt with and short videos give an impression of what it’s like to live in the Netherlands. You can register for free here.

Self-study sets
survival kit

With the self-study sets you can practise frequently used words and phrases in everyday life. We have three different sets, from Dutch to Ukrainian, English and Russian. This is a handy free tool to take your first steps in the new language. These study sets can be used by Ukrainian refugees who want to learn Dutch, as well as by anyone who helps them and wants to learn Ukrainian or Russian.

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