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Grammar tips

grammatica, grammaire, Grammatik

General list to be enlarged:

  • Contractions: it's/its; she's; whose/who's
  • Singular or plural verb (mp -see 1.48 Collins p.16)
  • Collective nouns (mp -see 1.48 Collins p.16)
  • Adverbs: in UK English usually end in -ly
  • Word order: put the verb in the second position in the sentence
  • Relative pronouns: 'who' for people, 'that' for things; 'which' to introduce a relative clause, 'that' as a conjunction
  • a or an: depends on the sound of the following vowel
    • a unique ..., a uniform ..., an unlikely ..., an underdog
  • -ing forms (gerund)

Special considerations for Dutch speakers

  • Pronunciation traps : then/than
  • Number agreement:
    • Everyone put their heads together (because the total number of heads is more than one)
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