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Translation and correction Language Centre Style Guide General

Online Resources

Online (free) resources for translators and correctors

Translation sites (bilingual and multilingual)
‘ is home to the world's largest translator community. Professional translators use the site to collaborate and learn’.

Mijn woordenboek
Start typing and suggestions are presented as you type (like Google Instant). Use with caution.

The EU's multilingual termbase. Rather unpredictable with respect to what is included and what not.

My Memory
Use with caution. Many of the translations provided are produced by machine translation (this is indicated, however).

Dictionaries, thesauri, acronym finders (English only)

Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Advanced Learner’s Dictionary results and clickable thesaurus.

Webster’s Dictionary & Thesaurus Online

Chamber's Dictionary and Thesaurus
Search in Chambers 21st Century Dictionary , The Chambers Thesaurus or Chambers Biographical Dictionary.
Acronym Finder
‘With more than 1,000,000 human-edited definitions, Acronym Finder is the world's largest and most comprehensive dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms’.
Dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopia search engine. Depending on which of the links above you click, the reference source is selected. One additional click takes you to one of the others.

The Free Dictionary
Gateway to various types of online dictionaries. Crowded interface, which can be customized, however.

Meta search engine that searches in a large number of dictionary sites and lists the results according to category.

Cluttered interface, which can be customized to some extent.

Education resources

Nuffic glossary
Use with caution as this glossary is not updated on a regular basis. If possible, check against Notebook and/or the UVC Termbase.

TU Delft glossary
Searchable list of terms (NL+EN) used within the TU Delft.

University of Maastricht glossary
Searchable list of terms (NL+EN) used within the University of Maastricht.

Leiden University glossary
Searchable list of terms (NL+EN) used within Leiden University.

University of Amsterdam glossary
Searchable list of terms (EN only) used within the University of Amsterdam.

Utrecht University glossaries
Links to lists (PDFs) of general university terms and job names used within Utrecht University.

University of Groningen glossary
The UVC terminology database.


Financieel Economisch Lexikon Online

EASE - Useful links
Portal to many websites considered useful by the European Association of Science Editors (EASE).

Access to European Union law. With free registration to set your preferred language. Not a source for finding terminology quickly.

SI conversion calculators
Handy for converting imperial into metric (e.g. inch > cm) and many other conversions. Part of the AMA Manual of Style website.

EMIRE database
‘The EMIRE database is the online version of the European Employment and Industrial Relations Glossaries, which explain the national industrial relations systems of the EU member states through their terminology’.

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