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Translation and correction Language Centre Style Guide General Fractions


breuk, fraction, Bruch

You can use fractions when you want to indicate how large a part of something is compared to the whole of it. The fraction (third, quarter, half, etc.) is then followed by 'of' and a noun group referring to the whole thing. Fractions can also be written in figures.

There are several types of fractions: singular fractions, plural fractions, fractions used as adjectives. Please see the examples page for more details.

Fractions can also be given in a special form as a number of hundredths. This type of fraction is called a percentage. For example, three hundredths expressed as a percentage is 'three per cent'. This can also be written 'three percent' or 3%. A half can be expressed as 'fifty per cent', 'fifty percent' or 50%.

Last modified:15 September 2017 9.00 p.m.