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Testing Language Centre English Test

Language Centre English Test - Feedback

The Language Centre now also offers the opportunity for you to receive feedback on your Language Centre English Test, which is fairly unique as far as these tests are concerned. If you request the feedback, you will then, along with the certificates, receive a written report summarizing your results and providing an explanation of the assessment using concrete examples.

Content of the Written Report

The report will indicate for your reading and listening skills whether the CEFR level you achieved was high or low (i.e. a high B2 is closer to C1 while a low B2 is closer to B1) including the specific CEFR reading/listening descriptor for that level. For the speaking and writing skills, the explanation will be more detailed, offering specific examples of your language use.

Such extensive feedback is always useful for yourself to know what your strengths and weaknesses are in English, but it could also be useful to show it to the international officers to provide a better and more in-depth impression of your language profile.


  • Feedback Language Centre English Test: € 45
Last modified:05 November 2021 10.12 a.m.
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