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Organisation of Standard Courses

CEFR level

The aims of our general language courses are described in terms of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), developed by the Council of Europe. The CEFR is a reference framework that provides a basis for comparing language proficiency levels and interpreting test scores.

Target Group / Office Hours

The Language Centre's courses are designed for people who have followed higher education. If you are not sure whether our courses are right for you, please visit our office hours.

For some language courses, it is strongly recommended or even mandatory (Dutch and English) to attend the office hour and speak to a teacher. During that meeting the teacher will determine which course is most suitable for you.

Language of Instruction

The target language is the language of instruction as much as possible.

Course Materials

On each course page there is a description of the course material. The course material is not included in the course fee. The course material is not available at the Language Centre, except for the material for the Dutch courses.

Group Size

There is a maximum of 16 participants in each group, unless otherwise indicated in the course description.


An intern may attend our courses, but always under the supervision of the teacher.

Lesson Duration

A contact hour lasts 50 minutes (excluding break). Classes start on the hour.

Attendance Certificate

At the end of a course, every participant will receive an attendance certificate on condition that they have attended 75% of the lessons.


  • You can register for a course if your language skills match the level of the concerning course and you are at least 18 years of age.
    • For some courses, it is mandatory to first visit an Office Hour to test your level.
  • Please note courses will be cancelled if there are not enough participants. You will be informed of this no later than 5 days before the start of the course. It is a good idea not to buy your books before then.
  • If during the first lessons it turns out that you are in the wrong group for your level, the teacher will discuss the possibilities of transferring to a different group. Please feel free to contact the teacher if you have doubts about how your level compares to your group. However, transferring is not always possible.

Course Locations

Where possible, Language Centre courses are held in the University buildings in the city centre of Groningen. However, sometimes we have to use different locations due to a lack of available rooms. Locations may also change for part of the course period. As room timetables are always announced very late, we will not be able to inform you of where your course will take place until less than a week before the start of the course. Here is an overview of the various course locations:

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