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0 > A2 for newcomers: civic integration (108 hours)

Duration:12 weeks
Studyload:108 contact hours and 108 hours of independent study. Each week: 9 contact hours (3*3) and 9 to 12 hours of independent study.
Audience:You speak little or no Dutch (CEFR level: 0). Knowledge of English is mandatory, since explanations will be given in English.

This course is intended for highly educated civic integration participants whose mother tongue and/or cultural background is radically different from the Dutch language and Western culture. This may cause you to require more time to learn Dutch. The course will teach you Dutch from level 0 to A2 and will focus on several aspects of Kennis van de Nederlandse Maatschappij (KNM, Knowledge of Dutch Society). In addition, attention will be paid to intercultural communication and study skills. Pronunciation support by a speech therapist is also available as part of the course.

The course comprises 108 contact hours, divided into 36 lessons of 3 hours each. Per week, you will have 9 hours of lessons and you will need to spend 9 to 12 hours on self-study. Please take this time into account in order to be able to follow the course properly. The use of a laptop or computer is necessary to prepare well for the lessons. In addition to the lessons, you will have a total of three mentor meetings to guide you through the learning process and to discuss your progress.

In the lessons, we will spend extra time on speaking skills, pronunciation, and listening and writing assignments. You will regularly receive individual feedback on your assignments. There are fixed assessment moments during the course and listening and reading tests at A2 level must be taken at the end of the course. The teacher will then assess whether all of your skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing) have reached A2 level.

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Schedule and registration

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€ 1,950
This includes the Nederlands in gang course book. You will receive the book before or during your first lesson from the Language Centre.

You can pay for your course yourself or with your DUO loan. Please note that a DUO loan allows you to take 2 courses per quarter for a maximum of €2,000. We will charge DUO for the total amount at the end of the course. Make sure there is enough money available from your quarterly limit at that time. If there is not enough money available, then you will have to pay the full amount yourself.

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