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Watch one of our free webinars in which an instructor explains a language issue to you.

Webinar Webinar How to write a paragraph (in Dutch)

Instructor Jorieke Reinders
If you want to make sure your texts are read, you need to make sure that your text has as much structure as possible. In this webinar, we will show you how to write a good paragraph and why structure makes for an easy-to-read text.

Webinar Webinar Business German (in Dutch)

Instructor Mariëtte Nieuwenhuis
Do you know when to use the terms ‘Zahlen’, ‘Fakten’ ‘Daten’? Or the difference between ‘Liefertermin’ and ‘Lieferzeit’? You'll find out in our webinar Business German.

Webinar series Ukrainian part 1: language and literature

Instructor Yuliya Kazanova
In this webinar, you will learn how Ukrainian relates to the other Slavic languages and the lecturer will give you an introduction to Ukrainian literature.

Webinar series Ukrainian part 2: introductory Ukrainian course

Instructor Yuliya Kazanova
Learn the basics of Ukrainian with this introductory course!

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