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Wim Tommassen


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Wim Tommassen

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During the last phase of my degree programme in English at the University of Groningen, I started teaching English Proficiency in the Department of English of the Faculty of Arts, and in what has now become the University of Groningen Language Centre. This has given me experience in teaching practically every English course ever given at the Language Centre since it started in 1988. In 1992, I spent some time working in the Comenius University in Bratislava on behalf of the Language Centre. My job at the Language Centre involves coordinating the range of English courses for PhD and Research Master’s students. Until 2013, in addition to teaching, I also worked as head of the English section. I am not only fully acquainted with all the courses on offer at the Language Centre, but also have vast experience of the University organization as a whole.

As a lecturer of English writing courses and main author of the Publishing in English course for PhD students, I am a specialist in academic writing for publications. I also give courses in presentation skills, where my experience as a stage director stands me in good stead. The ongoing i nternationalization of higher education means that the target groups for these courses are constantly changing. The formats from clients also change regularly, putting high demands on the flexibility of the teaching material and the role of the teacher. In addition, the technical possibilities of providing online learning and individual feedback are endless. Our courses are developed to keep pace with these new demands, ensuring that the content is always of the highest standard for PhD and Research Master’s students.

I was originally drawn to English by my love of the language, the literature and of England itself. In addition, I had always wanted to teach. Both aspects still enthral me: I try to help people to improve their English, thereby boosting their potential in an international environment. If people can understand each other, they will reject conflict and work together more closely. Language is an essential part of making the world a better place.

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