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Estelle Meima


  • Coordinator Testing and Assessment
  • Lecturer in English

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Estelle Meima

I was born and raised in Calgary (Alberta, Canada). After graduating from the University of Calgary, I decided to come to the Netherlands for one year to retain my Dutch nationality which I was entitled to through my Dutch parents. However, one year quickly turned into two, and twelve years later I am still living here.

In 2006, I accepted a position at the Language Centre after having worked at Stenden for six years where I mainly was a lecturer of English. Currently, besides teaching English, I am also involved in language testing and assessment and participate in various projects, ranging from local projects to ones at European level. Moreover, a third of my work is related to language testing and assessment. I believe it is vital to continually critically reevaluate the methods of assessment we use, ensuring they match the expected outputs and motivating the students and participants in their language learning. These assessments should be transparent to all stakeholders, which is one of the aspects of my job here – “what is a B2?” and “is your B2 the same as my B2?”.

I am a puzzler by nature and love to experiment with techniques that not only aid but also motivate students in their language learning. I am forever interested in new techniques and experimenting with teaching methods, forms of assessments or computer assisted language learning. Integrating these into the common practices of language teaching is one of my main goals.

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