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As a result of the move towards the European Higher Education Area and the internationalization of higher education, students and lecturers alike form much more heterogeneous groups than ever before. They speak a wide range of languages and represent many different cultural backgrounds.


2 trends can be distinguished in this regard:

  1. An English-only environment where English has become the foreign language of choice, and where degree programmes are offered in English
  2. A renewed interest in learning foreign languages

Aims of the Project

The IntlUni project primarily focuses on the 1st of the 2 trends described above, and has 3 major aims:

  1. To map the linguistic, cultural and educational trends as they develop across Europe
  2. To identify reference points that define the quality of programmes offered within the context of these developments
  3. To establish what should be done in order to provide quality teaching and facilitate quality learning in this relatively new and complex learning space

Background of the Project

The IntlUni Network originated as a Special Interest Group (SIG) on the Multilingual and Multicultural Classroom, established by the European Language Council in late 2009. Under the auspices of this SIG, 2 workshops were held in 2009/2010, followed by meetings of some of the potential project partners. The IntlUni Network thus comprises partners from previous projects (launched from within the membership of the European Language Council), members of the SIG and other experts working in this field.

More information?

Please take a look at our IntlUni Presentation [PDF] or the IntlUni project website.

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