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KVI - Center for Advanced Radiation Technology Research and education Nuclear and Hadron Physics Research

Research projects

The Nuclear and HadronPhysics group at KVI-CART is involved in studies of the properties of matter with different degrees of freedom.

Hadron Physics focuses on the behaviour of the strong force and the origin of confinement, and the generation of hadronic masses. Hadron spectroscopy uses antimatter-matter annihilations to explore new short-lived particles such as charmonium and study their properties.

Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics studies look at the variety of the chemical elements forming the building blocks of matter and the characteristics of the nuclei, like their shape, mass and origin in the cosmos. Nuclear reactions play a crucial role in these studies as they can probe the matter deep in the heart of the nucleus or just at its surface.

To reach the scientific goals of the group, a number of technical developments are currently under way, mostly related to the future FAIR facility in Darmstadt, where Hadron and Nuclear Physics experiments will feature prominently.

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