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AGOR Operating Diagram and Possible Beams

The operating diagram represents the charge over mass (Q/A) ratio versus the energy per mass unit (E/A) of all possible beams with the AGOR cyclotron.

The lines represent the limits on the machine, the dots are actual beams produced (see 'List of Extracted Beams' ). Any beams with an appropriate charge state (Q) and desired energy (E) that lie within the diagram can in principle be accelerated, as long as the ions needed can be produced. Isobars, different elements (different number of protons, Z) with the same mass (A), can often be separated in the cyclotron.

More information on the underlying principles and limits of the cyclotron are given by the link below.  

Operating diagram and available beams
Operating diagram. Clicking on the graph will load a larger image. eps version
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