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Experimental facilities and services

Two multipurpose beam-lines with associated equipment:

  • Experimental setup in air. This flexible set-up is used for many different types of experiments such as radiobiology experiments with high-energy protons, α-particles and 12C, radiation hardness tests with simulated solar spectrum, as well as detector tests with very low intensity beams. Recently the set-up has been expanded with equipment to facilitate heavy-ion experiments. Due to the modular nature of the set-up, many different types of experiments can be accommodated.
  • An experimental setup in vacuum for heavy ions (Ne – Pb) with energies in the range 10 – 40 MeV/u. The large vacuum chamber contains a 4D (translation and rotation) movable platform as well as many different types of vacuum throughputs.

The TRIμP-facility, operated by staff from the physics department, consists of a production target and a dual-mode magnetic fragment separator. Radioactive atoms or ions can be produced through reactions of the primary stable ions that have been accelerated with AGOR. User-provided end stages can be placed after the separator to study the radioactive species of interest.

Services offered by the infrastructure:

KVI-CART staff will help with the design of experimental equipment to be used at the multipurpose beam-lines. For experiments with the magnetic fragment separator, support for the design of experimental setups will have to be arranged with the fundamental-interactions group of the University of Groningen Physics Department. KVI-CART will provide technical support to install user end stations.

KVI-CART staff have a broad experience in solving wide-ranging technical problems which will help to run the experiments smoothly and efficiently. Well-equipped and very modern mechanical and electronics workshops can help solving problems that arise during the set-up or running of experiments. Computer expertise for e.g. solving communication issues between experimental equipment is available.

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