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Bending Limit

Another parameter is the bending limit Kb, expressing the (magnetic field) strength of the cyclotron. Rewriting the formula for the kinetic energy one gets

  • T = p2 / 2m = (qBR)2 / 2m

where R is the extraction radius, q (m) the charge (mass) of the particle and B the strength of the field. Because the magnet coils have a limiting current, there is an upper bound on the magnetic field, which means the kinetic energy of the accelerated particle is bounded by

  • T / A  <  Kb  (Z / A) 2
  • Kb  = (eBR)2 / 2m0

with e the electron charge and m0 the proton rest mass. The bending limit for AGOR is 600 MeV, which makes it a K600 cyclotron, as it is also called.

Last modified:28 January 2014 12.06 p.m.