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KVI - Center for Advanced Radiation TechnologyResearch and educationAGORIrradiations of Materials

Assistance by AGOR personnel

Before the irradiation

AGOR personnel can advice regarding the preparation of the irradiation plan. For special experimental lay-outs, we can offer custom solutions.

During the experiment

At least one AGORFIRM irradiation specialist will be present during the irradiation. In addition, the KVI-CART mechanical and electronics workshops can offer services to overcome unforeseen problems during an irradiation.

After the irradiation

Within 30 days after the irradiation a report will be available in which the result of the flux calibration is described and the irradiated components are listed together with the flux used and the total fluence given.
In case dosimeters of the KVI-CART were issued to the customer also a list of monitored personnel and the dose accumulated during the experiment is provided.
Irradiated components are usually too radioactive to be transported immediately after the irradiation. At KVI a dedicated room is available to safely store these components. AGORFIRM personnel will monitor the decay of the activity and when the activity has decreased to background level (typically takes 1-2 weeks for a fluence of 1x1010 and 3-4 weeks for 1x1011) the components can be returned to the customer via a courier service.

Radiation safety

The radiation level in the irradiation cell is continuously monitored. Access to the cell is granted by the cyclotron operator based on the actual radiation level, providing maximum safety to the client.
Digital dosimeters and stick-on finger dosimeters can be provided at the client's request.
Handling of irradiated components is always monitored with hand held contamination monitors and is supervised by a KVI-CART radiation specialist.

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