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KVI - Center for Advanced Radiation Technology Research and education AGOR

Access to the AGOR accelerator facility

The AGOR-accelerator facility at KVI-CART has been recognized as a large scale research facility by the Dutch Science funding agency NWO ( Access to the AGOR accelerator facility is subject to the guidelines set out in the European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures through the excellence-driven and the market-driven mechanism described in the charter. The amount of excellence-driven access may be limited by various constraints, such as availability of funding for the operational cost.

To obtain excellence-driven access, researchers have to submit a proposal describing the experiments they want to perform and the scientific justification of these experiments for evaluation by a Programme Advisory Committee. There are annually two deadlines for submission of proposals: 1 March and 1 October. In exceptional cases proposals may be evaluated on an ad-hoc basis. Templates for proposals are available in MSWord and PDF . For questions on the proposal submission and evaluation, please contact the scientific secretary of the PAC, dr. Catherine Rigollet (email: c.e.rigollet


Researchers getting access to the AGOR accelerator facility on basis of scientific excellence are expected to seek collaboration with local scientific staff to perform their experiment efficiently. As the operational cost of the facility for their experiment is to a large extent, if not fully, covered by public funds, researchers are required to provide open access (gold or green) to the published results of their experiment at the AGOR accelerator facility. They are also required to adhere to the principles of open data as described in the charter.

In the period 2016 – 2020 excellence-driven access to the AGOR accelerator faclity is partially supported by the EU in the framework of Transnational Access of the ENSAR2 programme (ENSAR2-TA ). Access through ENSAR2-TA is subject to certain conditions.


Market-driven access is provided on the basis of full cost. No evaluation of the scientific excellence takes place and there are no requirements concerning publication of results and/or access to data. KVI-CART may sign non-disclosure agreements with parties performing experiments at the AGOR accelerator facility through market-driven access. More information on the services offered in the framework of market driven access can be found at the website of the AGOR Facility for Irradition of Materials. For further questions please contact the irradiations liaison dr. Marc-Jan van Goethem (email: irradiations

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