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KVI - Center for Advanced Radiation Technology Research and education


KVI-CART plays a central role in scientific education at all levels and contributes significantly to the physics education at the Faculty of Science and Engineering. We train young researchers within in our research lines. During this training they acquire a variety of skills which makes them well suited to take positions of importance in all walks of life, academia and industry. This training is provided within the programmes of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering.

Our staff members are enthusiastic teachers in the Bachelor's and Master's educational physics programmes of the University of Groningen. There are ample possibilities for physics students to do their Bachelor's and Master's training projects within the research lines. These may concern theoretical, experimental or technical training projects.

Courses (Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programmes)

The Faculty of Science and Engineering offers the following Physics degree programmes:

  • BSc Physics (in Dutch, parts of second and third year in English)
  • BSc Applied Physics (in Dutch, parts of second and third year in English)
  • MSc Physics (in English)
  • MSc Applied Physics (in English)

> More information about the Bachelor's and Master's programmes of the Faculty of Science and Engineering

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