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KVI - Center for Advanced Radiation TechnologyOnderzoek en onderwijsVersneller- en stralingsfysicaEuropean Cyclotron Progress Meeting ECPM XXXVII


Work is currently in progress to get an approved pdf version of all presentations and posters added to this website. The first batch of presentations is already posted. If you have not yet been approached for approval but would like to see your presentation added, feel free to submit a pdf version of your poster or presentation to the conference e-mail:

Wednesday 28 October
9:00- 18:30 Educational Session
18:30-21:00 Welcome Reception* (Buffet) and hanging of posters. Registration desk is open.

*This reception is sponsored by the University of Groningen, the Municipality of Groningen and the Province of Groningen

Thursday 29 October
8:30                           Registration desk is open

New Projects (chair: Andrea Denker)

9:00-9:15 TBD Opening
9:15-9:45 M-H. Moscatello The ARCHADE project
9:45 -10:05

L. Piazza

S.C.E.N.T. 300 Project Status Review
10:05-10:25 L. Medeiros Romao Cyclone 70® Arronax Cyclotron Installation and Commissioning Progress Report
10:25-10:45 P. Heikkinen The Jyväskylä MCC30/15 Project
10:45-11:15 COFFEE

New Projects cont. (chair: Patrick Bertrand)

11-15-11:45 R. Edgecock EMMA - The World's First Non-Scaling FFAG
11:45-12:15 Y. Jongen ADONIS, a cyclotron based spallation neutron source for the production of medical radioisotopes
12:15-12:35 F. Chautard High intensity ion beams at GANIL
12:35-13:30 LUNCH
13:30-14:00 Transfer to KVI per bus
14:00-15:30 Visit KVI
15:30-16:00 TEA at KVI
16:00-16:30 Transfer to UMCG per bus
16:30-17:00 Welcome at UMCG (Boering-zaal)
17:00-18:30 Visit UMCG PET
18:30-21:00 DINNER Buffet at UMCG Fountain
21:00-21:30 Transfer to Hampshire hotel per bus

Friday 30 October

Sub Systems (chair: Yuri Bylinsky)

9:00-9:20                     V. Kukhtin     Numerical synthesis of CC18/9 and CC30/15 isochronous cyclotrons magnetic systems with moving shims
9:20-9:40 E. Lamzin Numerical synthesis of DC60 cyclotron magnetic system with magnetic extraction channel
9:40-10:00 C. Baumgarten The New Compact ECR Proton Source for the PSI Proton Facility
10:00-10:20 H. Koivisto Parameters affecting the time evolution of plasma and ion beam quality of electron cyclotron resonance ion source
10:20-10:50 V. Mironov ECRIS development at KVI  
10:50-12:30 COFFEE Poster Session
12:30-14:00 LUNCH

Status Reports (chair: Pauli Heikkinen)

14:00-14:20 A. Kleinrahm Radionuclide Technique in Mechanical Engineering, actual status at ZAG
14:20-14:40 J. Kozempel Cyclotron production of 48V labeled TiO2 nanoparticles
14:40-15:00 A. Denker Status of the HZB cyclotron: Eye tumour therapy in Berlin
15:00-15:30 TEA

Status Reports cont. (chair: Marie Helene Moscatello)

15:30-15:50 H. Röcken Medical Operation of the Varian 250MeV Superconducting Proton Cyclotron
15:50-16:10 T. Servais Continuous Improvement Program for IBA C230 cyclotron
16:10-16:30 A. Garonna A Dual Hadrontheraphy Center based on a Cyclinac
16:30-16:50 R. Gebel Status of the COSY/Jülich Injector Cyclotron
16:50-17:10 M. Hofstee Status Report High Intensity Heavy Ion Beams at AGOR
17:30-18:00 Transfer by bus to Nienoord
18:00-18:30 Arrival and drink at Nienoord
18:30-19:30 Excursion museum Nienoord
19:30-22:30 DINNER Conference Dinner
22:30-23:00 Return by bus to hotel

Saturday 31 October

Sub Systems (chair: Pierre Mandrillon)

9:00-9:20                     B. Mukherjee           Radiation Shielding Design for Proton Therapy Treatment Rooms
9:20-9:40 G. Karamysheva Last Simulations of the Compact Superconducting Cyclotron C400 for Hadron Therapy
9:40-10:00 N. Morozov Status of Magnet Design of C400 Superconducting Cyclotron
10:00-10:20 W. Beeckman Multiphysics computation on the radiation screen for the carbon therapy C400 cyclotron using Opera2d transient, stress and thermal modules
10:20-10:50 COFFEE

Upgrades (chair: Marco Schippers)

10:50-11:10 P. Bertrand Last experimental results using the Vertical Mass Separator in the cyclotron CIME and possible applications in the frame of the SPIRAL2 project
11:10-11:30 M. Humbel Gearing the PSI high power proton facility into the 3rd Milliampere
11:30-11:50 Y. Bylinski Extraction of 4 simultaneous high intensity beams at TRIUMF: constraints, problems and approaches
11:50-12:10 V. Toivanen Studies to improve the quality of high intensity heavy ion beams at JYFL accelerator laboratory
12:10-12:30 L. Calabretta Concluding  Remarks
12:30-14:00 LUNCH

Poster Session


B. Mukherjee

Monte Carlo Simulation of a Novel Composite Shielding for High-Energy Neutrons produced by Proton Therapy Cyclotron


C. Wouters

Central Region Studies of the 250 MeV SC-cyclotron for Protontherapy


G. Karamysheva

RF Cavity Simulations for C400 Cyclotron


E. Samsonov

Influence of RF Magnetic Field on Ion Dynamics in IBA C400 Cyclotron


S. Zaremba

IBA C30 cyclotron beam intensity upgrade


E. Forton

Design of IBA C30xp cyclotron magnet


T. Belyakova

COMPOTE/MP code for modeling, optimization and synthesis of magnet systems of isochronous cyclotrons


R. Hentschel

The Essen Medical Cyclotrons


I. Gornikel

VENECIA new code for simulation of thermohydraulics in complex superconducting systems


V. Amoskov

Computerised system for magnetic steel properties measurements over extended field range


A. Sen

Heavy Ion beam induced Vacuum effects inside AGOR cyclotron


F. Consoli

New PC-based control for the RF system at INFN-LNS


S. Saminathan

3D Simulation of Ion Beam Extraction from Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source and Low Energy Beam Transport


M. Wolinska-Cichocka

Heavy Ion Laboratory at the University of Warsaw

15. M-J van Goethem Integration of an eye-tumor treatment facility in a proton therapy center

W. Beeckman

Stress Computation in the C400 Superconducting Coil Using the OPERA-2D Stress Analysis Module


W. Beeckman

Superconductive coils and cryostat status for the C400 cancer therapy cyclotron

18. A. Patriarca The IC-CPO (Institut Curie – Centre de Protonthérapie d’Orsay) integrating an IBA particle therapy system

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