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KVI - Center for Advanced Radiation TechnologyNuclear Medicine Symposium

Nuclear Medicine Symposium

After the summer of 2018 KVI-CART of the University of Groningen and MIC of the University Medical Center Groningen organize a one-day symposium concerning game-changing innovations in molecular imaging and nuclear medicine.


The aim of the symposium is to explore the pros and cons of the different options and to contribute to a choice that leads to optimum benefits for patients in the Netherlands as well as on a global scale.


Advanced imaging techniques as diagnostic tools are an important ingredient for personalized medication. Similarly the role of nuclear medicine, in which these radiolabeled molecules are used to deposit a specifically targeted high radiation dose in tissues is rapidly increasing and new treatment modalities are being investigated.

Therefore, the development of new radiolabeled tracermolecules is key to the further improvement of both diagnostics and treatment. It also calls for the use of new radionuclides, the decay properties of which have to match the transport properties of the tracers in the human body and the functionality aimed at. For many of these radionuclides clinically viable production routes still have to be explored, which requires dedicated research infrastructure with long-term commitments from the stakeholders in the field. The choices made for this infrastructure determine the direction of future progress in the field.

For a long time Europe and in particular the Netherlands plays an important role in the complete chain of radioisotopes: i.e. from production site to the use in the health care sectors. The Netherlands now stands in front of the decision to make substantial investments in complex infrastructures for research in and production of radionuclides. It thereby has the opportunity to further strengthen its leading role and to strongly impact worldwide the future development both in molecular imaging and in nuclear medicine.

Please note that participation is by invitation only. Requests for more information and/or an invitation can be sent to
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