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KVI - Center for Advanced Radiation Technology News News Archive

News 2013

Jordy de Vries wins Van Swinderen prize
Published on:20 December 2013

Jordy de Vries wins Van Swinderen prize

Nasser Kalantar-Nayestanaki elected APS Fellow
Published on:09 December 2013

Nasser Kalantar-Nayestanaki elected APS Fellow

PhD Ceremony Olmo González-Magaña
Published on:29 November 2013

On 29 November, Olmo González-Magaña will defend his thesis 'Ionization-induced fragmentation dynamics of isolated complex biomolecules'.

Record number of visitors on open day
Published on:06 October 2013

The open day on Sunday 21 October was very successful. Approximately 600 visitors found their way to the KVI.

PhD Ceremony Qader Dorosti Hasankiadeh
Published on:04 October 2013

On 4 October, Qader Dorosti Hasankiadeh will defend his thesis 'Reconstruction of neutrino-induced showers with ANTARES'.

Status of reorganization
Published on:05 September 2013

End of August, the draft reorganization and personnel plan was presented to the KVI staff members. According to this plan, KVI will proceed in a reduced form, under the name of KVI-CART (Centre for Advanced Radiation Technology). The development of advanced and not commercially available high-tech physical instrumentation will be an important new aspect. Part of the scientific groups will go over to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMNS) of the University of Groningen. To solve a financial deficit of € 600.000, nine members of the support staff will become supernumerary.

Vidi-grant to Steven Hoekstra
Published on:21 May 2013

KVI-researcher Steven Hoekstra has been rewarded a Vidi-grant of NWO, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. His application was entitled 'Using trapped molecules to search for dark matter'.

PhD Ceremony Ganesh Tambave
Published on:10 May 2013

On 10 May, Ganesh Tambave will defend his thesis 'Electromagnetic calorimeter studies for Charmonium physics'.

A new future for KVI
Published on:28 March 2013

The Board of the University of Groningen has approved a plan regarding the future of KVI put forward by the interim director of the institute. A reorganization will now be set in motion, whereby all jobs will probably be retained.

Mysterious subatomic particle discovered
Published on:27 March 2013

A team of researchers from 11 countries, among which scientists from KVI, have recently done a remarkable discovery. By means of collisions of high-energetic electrons with positrons, a new form of subatomic matter has been produced, the so-called 'Y(4260)'-particle.

PhD Ceremony Ayanangsha Sen
Published on:18 March 2013

On 18 March, Ayanangsha Sen will defend his thesis 'Heavy Ion Beam Transmission in the AGOR Cyclotron'.

PhD Ceremony Daren Zhou
Published on:15 March 2013

On 15 March, Daren Zhou will defend his thesis 'Partial-Wave Analysis and Spin Observables of Antiproton-Proton Scattering'.

PhD Ceremony Duurt Johan van der Hoek
Published on:01 March 2013

On 1 March, Duurt Johan van der Hoek will defend his thesis 'Detection system to study fundamental interactions in ß decay of 21Na'.

PhD Ceremony Ina Blank
Published on:22 February 2013

On 22 February, Ina Blank will defend her thesis 'Electron exchange dynamics in low-energy ion-atom interactions'.

PhD Ceremony Bodhaditya Santra
Published on:18 January 2013

On 18 January, Bodhaditya Santra will defend his thesis 'Precision spectroscopy of neutral radium: towards searches for permanent electric dipole moments'.

PhD Ceremony Krijn de Vries
Published on:11 January 2013

On 11 January, Krijn de Vries will defend his thesis 'Macroscopic modelling of radio emission from ultra-high-energy-cosmic-ray-induced air showers'.

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