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KVI - Center for Advanced Radiation Technology News News Archive

News 2012

Cees Sterks Director a.i. of KVI
Published on:07 December 2012

As of 1st December, Professor Cees Sterks has taken office as Director ad interim of KVI. Professor Sterks has been asked by the Board of the University of Groningen to oversee the transition of KVI into a new situation. In order to clearly mark the transition and to give it every chance of succeeding, the current KVI Director, Professor Klaus Jungmann, has decided to resign his post.

Farewell symposium Muhsin Harakeh and Herbert Löhner
Published on:03 December 2012

On Friday 30 November 2012, a symposium was held in Hampshire Hotel Plaza Groningen on the occasion of the retirement of ex-KVI-Director Muhsin Harakeh and Herbert Löhner.

Royal decoration for Herbert Löhner
Published on:30 November 2012

On 30 November 2012, KVI Professor Herbert Löhner was decorated with Royal Honours as Knight in the Order of the Lion of the Netherlands (Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw).

KVI-researchers will investigate cosmic lightning
Published on:16 November 2012

KVI-researchers have received funds in the FOM projectruimte for the proposal ‘Cosmic lightning’. Authors of the proposal are Olaf Scholten and Ad van den Berg of KVI, and Ute Ebert of the Centrum Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam.

600 Visitors on Open Day
Published on:22 October 2012

The open day on Sunday 21 October was very successful. Approximately 600 visitors found their way to the KVI.

PhD Ceremony Jordy de Vries
Published on:19 October 2012

On 19 October Jordy de Vries will defend his thesis 'Hadronic Time-Reversal Violation in Effective Field Theory'.

PhD Ceremony Wilbert Kruithof
Published on:14 September 2012

On 14 September Wilber kruithof will defend his thesis 'Laser trapping of sodium isotopes for a high-precision β-decay experiment'.

KVI produces for HARD
Published on:12 July 2012

The KVI Mechanical Engineering department is producing complex parts for an innovative racing car of the Hanzehogeschool, the Groningen University of Applied Sciences. The car is being developed by a team of 45 students of the Hanze Racing Dvision (HARD). The racing car, running on biogas, will participate in August in the Baltic Open Formula Student event in Darmstadt, Germany.

PhD Ceremony Manisha Ranjan
Published on:18 May 2012

On 18 May Manisha Ranjan will defend her thesis ' Design and Characterization of a Cryogenic Stopping Cell for Radioactive Ions'.

PhD Ceremony Simona Stoica
Published on:11 May 2012
On 11 May Simona Stoica will defend her thesis 'Causal and unitary scattering amplitudes compliant with crossing symmetry at low energy'.
The three-nucleon force reviewed
Published on:22 March 2012

KVI-scientists Nasser Kalantar and Johan Messchendorp have recently published a review article in the high-impact journal Reports on Progress in Physics, with the title “Signatures of three-nucleon interactions in few-nucleon systems”. The article has been published together with scientists from Forschungszentrum Jülich and Ruhr University Bochum (both Germany). A picture of the detection system at KVI made it to the cover of the journal. The article provides an extensive theoretical and experimental overview of the present understanding of three-nucleon forces and its implications in the field of nuclear physics.

GPS more accurate due to laser and fiberlinks
Published on:20 March 2012
Article in the Volkskrant of Tuesday 20 March 2012
New idea for simplifying Higgs analysis
Published on:20 January 2012
If the long-expected Higgs particle is indeed discovered by the LHC then how will we know for certain that it possesses the characteristics predicted by the Standard Model of elementary particles? A relatively simple way could be to examine the momentum distribution of the Higgs-like particle. This new idea has been proposed in an article by KVI Professor Daniël Boer and co-authors, which was published today by the renowned journal Physical Review Letters.
PhD Ceremony Victor Stoica
Published on:09 January 2012

On 9 January Victor Stoica will defend his thesis 'Digital pulse-shape analysis and controls for advanced detector systems'.

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