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KVI - Center for Advanced Radiation Technology News News Archive

News 2010

PhD Ceremony Sadia Bari
Published on:17 December 2010

On 17 December Sadia Bari will defend her thesis 'The influence of peptide structure on fragmentation pathways'.

Rubicon subsidy for KVI PhD-student Ruud Vinke
Published on:13 December 2010

KVI PhD-student Ruud Vinke has received a Rubicon subsidy from the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research NWO. The subsidy will be used for a post doc of two years at the Molecular Imaging Instrumentation Laboratory of Stanford University in the US. Aim of the research project will be to attain sharper imaging in cancer diagnosis.

PhD Ceremony Erwin Bodewits
Published on:03 December 2010

On 3 December Erwin Bodewits will defend his thesis 'Dynamics of highly charged ions interacting with surfaces.

2.9 M€ for FOM-programme KVI-VUA
Published on:25 November 2010

The programme 'Broken mirrors and drifting constants', submitted at the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM), has received a subsidy of M€ 2.9. The programme will be carried out by KVI and the VU University of Amsterdam (VUA). Programme leader will be Wim Ubachs of the Atomic, Molecular and Laser Physics group of the VUA, the KVI-share in the programme will be led by KVI-Director Klaus Jungmann. The KVI-team will further consist of Ronnie Hoekstra, Steven Hoekstra and Lorenz Willmann, with support of the Theory group. The duration of the programme will be six years. During this period both KVI and VUA will be able to appoint four PhD students (OIO's) out of the programme budget.

PhD Ceremony Hong Minh Dang
Published on:22 November 2010

On 22 November Hong Minh Dang will defend her thesis 'Particle induced strand breakagein plasmid DNA'.

KVI open day attracts more than 500 visitors
Published on:18 October 2010

On Sunday 17 October the doors of KVI were opened for the annual open day in the framework of Oktober Kennismaand. The day was very successful with 523 visitors. The two presentations in the framework of the theme 'Long live variation' well-visited. At the children's activities - like soldering an electronic tea-warmer - it was a big crowd. At all activities enthusiastic staff members and interested visitors were found. The KVI open day was again part of the open day of the Zernike complex. Like last year, also SRON (space research), ScienceLinx and the Discovery Bus participated.

KVI-project awarded in new NWO Astrochemistry Programme
Published on:23 August 2010

The divisions for Chemical and Physical Science of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research NWO have awarded a project application in the new multidisciplinary NWO Astrochemistry Programme to KVI scientist Thomas Schlathölter. It concerns a project for four years, entitled ‘The chemical evolution of PAHs driven by energetic ion interaction’. Money has been made available for a PhD student for four years (OIO).

PhD Ceremony Peter de Jong
Published on:25 June 2010

On 25 June Peter de Jong will defend his thesis 'Exposure to natural radioactivity in the Netherlands: the impact of building materials'.

Kjeld Eikema KVI professor by special appointment
Published on:22 June 2010
As of 1 May 2010 , Kjeld Eikema of the Laser Centre of the VU University Amsterdam is attached to KVI as a professor by special appointment in Experimental Atomic Physics.
PhD Ceremony Hossein Moeini
Published on:14 May 2010

On 14 May Hoessein Moeini will defend his thesis 'Feasibility experiment and simulations for EXL'.

PhD Ceremony Peane Maleka
Published on:07 May 2010

On 7 May Peane Maleka will defend his thesis 'An assessment of gamma-ray and neutron spectra of in-situ element analysis using a pulsed-neutron source'.

STW-project awarded for dosimetry for proton therapy
Published on:06 May 2010
The Ducth Technology Foundation STW has approved a project of KVI and the Department of Radiotherapy of the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) for the development of a national dosimetry standard for proton therapy.
New analysis technique for structure of peptides
Published on:04 May 2010
In the past three years, KVI scientists Sadia Bari, Ronnie Hoekstra and Thomas Schlathölter have developed a setup with which peptides can be analyzed with a completely new technique.
Workshop 'The Nanoworld in Action'
Published on:03 May 2010
In the second week of June (7-8 June 2010) the workshop 'The Nanoworld in Actions' will be held in Groningen. The organization of the workshop is based at KVI. Chairmen will be Prof. Ronnie Hoekstra (KVI - Atomic and Molecular Physics) and Prof. Paul van Loosdrecht (Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials).
PhD Ceremony Marlène da Silva e Silva
Published on:19 February 2010

On 19 February Marlène da Silva e Silva will defend her thesis 'Sensitive polarimetry in a search for the deuteron electric di pole moment'.

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