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News 2009

Published on:02 November 2009
From Wednesday 28th to Saturday 31st October, the 37th edition of the European Cyclotron Progress Meeting (ECPM) was held in the Hampshire Hotel Plaza Groningen.
PhD Ceremony Alma de Groot
Published on:23 October 2009

On 23 October Alma de Groot will defend her thesis 'Salt-marsh sediment. Natural γ-radioactivity and spatial patterns'.

FOM NIG-project awarded for research on use of PET with proton therapy
Published on:20 October 2009

An application of Peter Dendooven of KVI together with Dennis Schaart of the TU Delft in the FOM-prgramme 'New physical instruments for health care' was recently awarded. The title of the project is 'In-silico studies on time-of-flight positron emission tomography for dose verification in proton therapy (ISoToPE)'. For this research FOM has given funds for two postdoc positions of 2.5 years plus a total running budget of k€ 51.

350 Visitors at KVI Open Day
Published on:19 October 2009
On Sunday 18 October KVI had a successful open day; 350 visitors found their way to the institute. Traditionally the open day was held in the framework of Oktober Kennismaand, this year with the theme 'Journey to the unknown'. As in preceding years, the KVI open day was organized together with other institutions at the Zernike campus, this year with SRON (space research), ScienceLinx and the Discovery Bus.
PhD Ceremony Ahmad Ramazani-Moghaddam-Arani
Published on:12 October 2009

On 12 October Ahmad Ramazani-Moghaddam-Arani will defend his thesis 'Cross-section and analyzing-power measurements in three and four-nucleon scattering'.

TRIµP traps radium ions
Published on:02 October 2009

KVI researchers Versolato and Giri et al. are the first in the world to succeed in trapping radium ions and to perform precision spectroscopy on the trapped ions. The ions were studied with the light of three lasers simultaneously. For this experiment, short-lived radium isotopes were produced with the AGOR cyclotron and the TRIµP facility.

PhD Ceremony Mohammad Eslami-Kalantari
Published on:21 September 2009

On 21 September, Mohammed Eslamikalantari will defend his thesis 'Three-nucleon force effects in proton-deuteron break-up studied with BINA at 135 MeV'.

Emiel van der Graaf new KVI Deputy Director Techniques
Published on:26 June 2009
Emiel van der Graaf, now beam coordinator of the AGOR facility, has been appointed as the new KVI Deputy Director Techniques. Van der Graaf is the successor of Ad van den Berg, who has been Deputy Director for ten years.
An interview with Fred Zwarts
Published on:09 February 2009
On Sunday 8 February, an interview with Fred Zwarts of the KVI IT group was broadcasted in the EO programme Nederland zingt op zondag.
KVI in VARA’s Nieuwslicht
Published on:05 February 2009
On Wednesday 4 February AGOR and the KVI irradiation facility were highlighted in the VARA science programme Nieuwslicht in an item on the plans for a proton-therapy facility in Groningen.
Klaus Jungman new KVI Director
Published on:05 January 2009
Klaus Jungmann, leader of the KVI TRIµP programme, has been appointed as the new KVI Director as of 1 January 2009, for a period of five years. Jungmann is the successor of Muhsin Harakeh, who had been KVI Director since 1996.
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