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News 2008

Celebration of 40th anniversary KVI and 60th anniversary Muhsin Harakeh
Posted on:14 December 2008
On 12 December the 40th anniversary of the KVI and the 60th anniversary of KVI Director Muhsin Harakeh were celebrated with a symposium at the Academy Building of the University of Groningen .
Symposium KVI 100: a Century of Physics
Posted on:12 December 2008
Symposium on occasion of 40 years of physics research at the Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut (KVI) and the 60th birthday and the farewell of our long-time director Muhsin N. Harakeh.
“Magnificent” KM3NeT receives 8.8 M€ subsidy
Posted on:05 December 2008
End of November the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has decided to grant the requested 8.8 M€ for the KM3NeT project, a European research infrastructure for astroparticle physics in the Mediterranean Sea .
Scientists celebrate inauguration of Pierre Auger Observatory
Posted on:14 November 2008
Inauguration of the southern site of their observatory in Malargüe , Argentina , Friday, November 14, 2008
FOM “Projectruimte” project for TRIµP
Posted on:13 November 2008
FOM has awarded funds for a post-doc position for two years, a PhD-position (OIO) and a running budget of k€ 65.
The “Magnificent Seven” of European astroparticle physics unveiled to the world
Posted on:01 October 2008
On 29th September 2008 , Europeans presented to the world their strategy for the future of astroparticle physics. The KVI is participating in two of these projects.
Veni grant for Bijaya Sahoo
Posted on:14 August 2008
Bijaya Sahoo received the grant for his application Atomic parity violation as a high-precision test of the unified electroweak theory.
Deepsea neutrino telescope Antares completed
Posted on:06 June 2008
In the night of 29 to 30 May a submarine has installed the final detector lines of the Antares neutrino telescope at the bottom of the Mediterranean .
Kamerlingh Onnes prize for KVI PhD student
Posted on:26 May 2008
The Kamerlingh Onnes prize 2006-2007, for the best cum laude student in physics at the University of Groningen in the academic year 2006-2007, has been awarded to Duurt Johan van der Hoek from KVI.
KVI Director Muhsin Harakeh receives Royal Decoration
Posted on:25 April 2008
KVI Director Muhsin Harakeh was decorated with Royal Honours as Officer in the Order of Orange - Nassau
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