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Louis Put deceased

07 August 2018

On June 23rd 2018 Louis Put deceased at the age of 81. After having obtained his PhD at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, he continued his scientific career at the Physics Department of the University of Groningen and then moved together with the team headed by Prof. Brinkman to the newly established Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut at the campus of the University of Groningen.

Louis being one of the first permanent scientific staff members of the institute started experimental research with the new Philips AVF cyclotron of the KVI together with the graduate student Anne Paans and guest researcher Peter Urone. In June 1971 they published the first scientific paper based on accelerated particles from this 280 cm AVF machine under the title “Scattering of 30 MeV protons from 28Si, 58Ni and 120Sn at large backward angles” in Physics Letters. These first measurements were then followed by high precision alpha particle scattering data that were a long time the “gold standard” of alpha particle scattering.

Gradually the focus from Louis changed to application-driven research, resulting in many papers mainly together with Joop Jansen en Rob de Meijer, where they studied effects of natural radioactivity in the environment. Louis retired in 1996. We will remember Louis as a very kind and dedicated scientist with a sharp eye for precision.

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